Nutritional Health and Healing: Factors Affecting Speed and Depth

The following list describes the variables and factors important to achieving success with a dietary nutritional supplement program:

1. Don’t be fooled into buying cheap nutritional supplements. Just because it says “100 milligrams” of a certain nutrient on the label it does not mean you will get 100 milligrams delivered into your bloodstream. The absorption, or bioavailability of one’s nutrients defines how well the body digests and assimilates the essential nutrients from one’s nutritional supplements.

2. The quality and ‘form’ of the nutrients in your nutritional formulas make a big difference in bioavailability and effectiveness. For example, a single kind of mineral, zinc for example, can come in various forms-zinc citrate, fumarate, glutarate, succinate, picolinate, ascorbate.

3. Are you replenishing the specific nutrients in which you are deficient? Are you taking a high enough dose of your nutritional supplements and for a long enough period of time?

4. Are you addressing enough biochemical imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and glandular weaknesses? These can be determined through blood, urine, saliva, and stool analysis testing by your health care provider.

5. Are your colon, liver, lymphatics, and cellular systems being adequately detoxified from the chemicals, metals, and toxins that you are being exposed to on a daily basis?

6. Are you minimizing enough of your daily stress factors? (Poor diet, exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants, lack of adequate exercise, sleep, play, or positive thinking.)

Realize that you do not have to do everything perfect in order to heal—you just have to do enough. This is very individual because each person has their own body constitution, their own genetic weaknesses or predispositions, and their own level of stress factors, some we may recognize and some we may never know that are occurring.

NOTE: When the body is being injured faster that it can repair itself, degeneration is occurring. It is at this time that the body needs assistance. Nutritional supplementation can be a major part of the solution.

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