My HMO Medical Doctor Called Me a “Freak”

Nutritional Doctor Releases His Own Medical Records:

WOW! Nutrition REALLY Works!

My name is Dr. Gregory Pouls. I am the founder of and president of Health Enhancement, Inc.

I am a D.C. (doctor of chiropractic- Palmer West, 1991) & F.I.C.N. (Fellow, International College of Nutrition- awarded in 2001, “in recognition of significant contributions for the advancement of Nutritional Sciences”) and author/co-author of numerous books on nutrition and ‘wellness’.

For over 25 years I have formulated dietary supplement formulas for American and international nutritional and pharmaceutical companies & have recommended the "YourNutrition Makeover" nutritional supplement and plant-based medicine programs to thousands of Americans to assist them to enhance, support, protect & maintain their health by achieving “nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry”.

To maintain my own health- I practice what I teach.

I take numerous nutritional dietary supplements every day to maintain, support, enhance, and protect my good health, energy and vitality.

I will be 60 years old in 2017.

Let me ask you a question:

If someone told you that they had NOT been sick for over 15 years, and for over three years they had no symptoms of poor health, took no prescription drugs and possessed vibrant health, energy and vitality, what would you say? Perhaps, “How did you do it”? or perhaps, “I would like to learn how to do this for myself”!

Apparently, some in the medical profession don’t think this way.

I went to my Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) last year for my annual physical. This was the third year in a row that I presented to them with no symptoms of poor health, no allergies, no history of headaches or pain, slightly elevated blood pressure & pulse rate (I admit I get a little nervous going to the medical doctor), normal blood sugar, pretty much ‘normal’ everything…. It didn’t surprise me.

These yearly physical exams and ‘normal’ laboratory findings were, to me, the results of my efforts to become nutritionally sufficient and to possess balanced body chemistry-being validated by a medical diagnostic laboratory.

After reviewing my chart, my attending physician walked into the exam room, looked at me and said (no kidding!), “Dr. Pouls, you are a freak”. These words literally floored me. For some reason, I thought that any medical professional might be interested in how I maintained my health to this degree. Not so. To them I was a “freak”. I asked, “why would you say that?” The reply was, “most people have multiple symptoms of poor health or are dealing with ongoing health conditions or diseases. They continued, “you have never required any prescriptions, but most people leave here with three to five prescription drugs”. I asked, “for what?” They said, “usually for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and then one or two for the normal aches and pains associated with getting older.”  

I asked the doctor, “You and I both know that high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol can be controlled with a healthy diet, exercise, nutritional support and stress reduction- why don’t you recommend these things instead of drugs?” They answered, “We do try to explain this, however, changing diets, exercise and lifestyles take time and effort and supplements aren’t covered by health insurance- their insurance usually covers 80-100% of the cost of the drugs. I guess most people are kind of lazy when it comes to their health.” This made me sad. Sad for both the doctor and their patients. I had learned that the word “doctor” is supposed to mean ‘teacher’ and that a doctor is supposed to teach you how to get healthy and stay healthy.

I reminded the ‘doctor’ that prescription drugs always add a toxic burden to a person’s liver and kidneys (which can shorten your life), and taught them that most prescription drugs cause the depletion of nutrients- which can eventually cause many different symptoms of poor health.

I never got the feeling that this doctor was anti-nutrition, rather, I think they simply didn’t understand nutrition or therapeutic applications of nutritional supplements. They did not understand the power of utilizing specific nutrients for certain health conditions. To them I was a “freak”. This is sad. Anyone could learn to maintain their health like I do by signing up for our “Your Nutrition Makeover” program.

Prescription drugs may alter the expression of your symptoms, but they will never fix the problem, especially if it is linked to underlying nutritional deficiencies. This form of ‘health care’ is great for the drug companies and lousy for the consumers.

It was right then that I decided to quit my HMO.

I reasoned: It should be called a “DMO” Disease Management Organization.


When was the last time your doctor checked your nutritional status?

I decided that I would now interview some local ‘general practitioner’ medical doctors to find out their take on nutrition, to share with them that I am a big believer in conventional medical diagnostic tests- but prefer nutritional solutions to drug management.

Eventually, I found a kind elderly medical doctor who was “shocked but not surprised by my 'You’re a freak' story”, and was fully supportive of my self-care with nutrition, diet, lifestyle and stress reduction.

I told him of my true history of low back pain. I originally injured my back playing football in high school. If I sit too much at my computer or attempt to work like I’m ‘in my twenties’ in my garden, it can act up. He needed this diagnostic code so he could request laboratory studies. I knew what labs I was interested in having performed and explained, “these are labs that I can address with nutrients if the results come back ‘out of range’ or deficient”. He complied, and told me the lab might not accept my insurance for all the requested labs and I might have to pay in addition to my co-pay. I agreed.

For all to see: Dr. Pouls Lab Report

Report Date: 03/25/2016

(To see original report- Click the box above)


Lab Test                Reference Range       My Result


Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Platelet Count

White Blood Count       3.80-10.80 /uL                       7.34 = Normal

Red Blood Cell Count4.00-6.20 /uL                           5.14 = Normal

Hemoglobin                    13.7-17.5 g/dL                          15.4 = Normal

Hematocrit                     40.1-51.0 %                               45.9 = Normal

MCV                                    79.4-98.4 fL                             89.3 = Normal

MCH                                    26.0-34.0 pg                           30.0 = Normal

MCHC                                 32.0-36.0 Dl                            33.6 = Normal

Neutrophil                       34.0-72.0 %                             61.0 = Normal

Lymphocyte                    12.0-44.0 %                             30.1 = Normal

Monocyte                           0.0-12.0 %                                8.0 = Normal

Eosinophil                          0.0-7.0 %                                  0.8 = Normal

Basophil                              0.0-2.0 %                                  0.1 = Normal

Platelet Count               151-424/uL                              224 = Normal

RDW                                      11.6-14.4 %                             12.9 = Normal

Abs Neutrophils             1.56-6.20 /Ul                        4.47 = Normal



Urinalysis, Complete

Color                                                                                Yellow = Normal

Appearance                                                                    Clear = Normal

Specific Gravity            1.005-1.030                      1.015 = Normal

Ph                                         5.0-7.5                                     6.5 = Normal

Protein                                                                                 NEG = Normal

Glucose                                                                                NEG = Normal

Ketones                                                                               NEG = Normal

Ketones                                                                               NEG = Normal

Urobilinogen                    0.1-1.0 mg/Dl                       0.2 = Normal

Bilirubin                                                                              NEG = Normal

Blood                                                                                    NEG = Normal

Leukocyte Esterase                                                      NEG = Normal

Nitrite                                                                                  NEG = Normal

WBC                             0-5 hpf                             None Seen = Normal

RBC                              0-2 hpf                                           0-2 = Normal


Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (Fasting)

Glucose                        70-99 mg/dL                         88 = Normal

BUN                              6-23 mg/dL                              13 = Normal

Creatinine                   0.6-1.4 mg/dL                     0.9 = Normal

GFR                              <60 = Kidney Disease         >60 = Normal

Sodium                        133-145 mEq/L                    140 = Normal

Potassium                    3.3-5.1 mEq/L                     4.2 = Normal

Chloride                      95-108 mEq/L                      103 = Normal

CO2                              21-30 mEq/L                            23 = Normal

Calcium                       8.3-10.5 mg/DL                    9.4 = Normal

SGOT (AST)              0-40IU/L                                    22 = Normal

SGPT (ALT)               0-41 IU/L                                   24 = Normal

Alkaline Phos.            35-129 IU/L                          50 = Normal

Bilirubin (total)          0-1.2 mg/dL                       0.5 = Normal

Total Protein              6.4-8.3 gm/dL                    7.2 = Normal

Albumin                      3.5-5.2 gm/dL                      4.7 = Normal

Globulin                      2.1-3.7 gm/dL                       2.5 = Normal

Albumin/Globulin     1.0-2.0                                   1.9 = Normal

Lab Test                   Reference Range        My Result
Vitamin B12            211-946 pg/mL            755 = Normal
Vitamin B12 and folate are separate tests often used in conjunction to detect deficiencies and to help diagnose the cause of certain anemias.
B12 Nutritional Deficiency and Possible Symptoms (If you are deficient): Anemia, constipation, depression, dizziness, fatigue, intestinal disturbances, headaches, irritability, loss of vibration sensation, low stomach acid, mental disturbances, moodiness, mouth lesions, numbness, spinal cord degeneration. *See the entire chart below.

C-Reactive Protein   0.0-10.0 mg/L          3.8 = Normal
The C-reactive protein (CRP) test is used by a health practitioner to detect inflammation. We teach that inflammation is an underlying contributor to most all health conditions and disease.

Hemoglobin A1C (Fasting Blood Glucose)        
To help identify those at an increased risk of developing diabetes and to help diagnose diabetes.
<5.7 = Non-diabetic              5.6 = Normal
                5.7-6.4 Increased risk
                >6.5 =Diabetic

Vitamin D               > =30                                     73 = Normal
To determine if you have a vitamin D deficiency; if you are receiving vitamin D supplementation, to determine if it is adequate. 

Vitamin D Nutritional Deficiency and Possible Symptoms (If you are deficient): Burning sensation in mouth, diarrhea, insomnia, myopia, nervousness, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, rickets, scalp sweating. 

*See the entire ‘Nutritional Deficiency and Its Symptoms’ chart below (scroll down).


Cholesterol – On a previous physical I had my cholesterol levels checked. Historically, my total cholesterol readings have always been around 200.

Reference Range, Total blood cholesterol level:

High risk: 240 mg/dL and above

Borderline high risk: 200-239 mg/dL

Desirable: Less than 200 mg/dL

For this test, my score was 204 (which I consider normal). The M.D. recommended that I start taking a ‘statin’ drug right away, and that it would be waiting for me at the pharmacy. Wow- what a proficient drug delivery system! Because I have already thoroughly researched the dangers and benefits of statin drugs, and understand that ‘total cholesterol’ levels are easily lowered by certain dietary supplements, I told the doctor, “No, thank you. I will use a change of diet and supplements and re-test in 6 months. Six months later, my total cholesterol score was 147.

If you have been recommended statin drugs to control cholesterol, I recommend you read ‘The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease-and the Statin-Free Plan That Will’ by my friend and mentor, Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C. The latest edition includes 100 Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease. Available at


This article is proof that a healthy diet, nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry, what the doctors at YourNutrition assist every "YourNutrition Makeover" client to achieve, can help you to avoid the dangers and pitfalls of prescription drugs and "disease-management" health care.

I am a BIG BELIEVER in utilizing the information from conventional medical diagnostics & apply ‘natural’ or nutritional therapies to maintain my ‘good’ health. I do not measure my health by the presence or lack of symptoms (as do most Americans), rather, I monitor my energy, vitality and stamina levels.

I know that, when applied correctly, that nutritional therapies are the safest, least toxic, most effective way for me to address the underlying cause of most common health conditions: nutrient deficiencies and resulting body chemistry imbalance(s).

What does this mean? I get as much information as I can via my medical doctor to determine nutrient deficiencies and imbalances or weakness in any of my body’s organs, glands, systems or tissues- then I use dietary supplements above the RDA/ODA for a period long enough to overcome the deficiency and provide specific herbs and nutrients to re-balance my body’s organs and/or systems. My mother and father both died of cancer and dad had advanced diabetes. So, considering genetics, I constantly support both my liver and immune system with ‘targeted’ nutritional formulas. Once sufficient and balanced, I take a maintenance regimen of daily supplements- and modify this depending on activities and stress levels.

GUESS WHAT? This is Exactly how the ‘Your Nutrition Makeover’ Long-distance Nutritional Program works! Let us show you how!

Of course, every person's results will vary, depending on how consistent you are. However, we are all human beings- composed (made up) of nutrients, and it is well documented how nutritional deficiencies can cause symptoms of poor health and even disease. The doctors at believe and teach that a vast majority of symptoms that people in America are experiencing are linked to underlying nutrient deficiencies and resulting body chemistry imbalance(s). If you never have a 'nutritional status analysis' how would you know? See the link below: View "Nutritional Deficiency and It's Symptoms Chart".

Personally, I invest in my future health daily with nutritional supplements. For over twenty years I have maintained my good health this way. I will be 60 years young 2017. I have no diseases and very little or no dis-ease (symptoms). I don’t get headaches. I don’t have any allergies. I feel at home in my body. I am healthy and happy.

I could stand to lose a few pounds. Perhaps in modern-day America this makes me a little “normal”.

These "Normal" lab reports are not a miracle! I practice what I (the doctors at YourNutrition) teach.

We can teach you how...

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When was the last time you checked your nutritional status?

‘Nutritional Sufficiency’ dramatically lowers your risk factors for poor health, symptoms and disease.  That is why it is so important!

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Did You Know

How many common symptoms are Associated with Nutrient Deficiencies?

Nutritional Deficiency and Its Symptoms:

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“Nutritional and herbal medicines work differently than drugs. Providing basic elements as nutritional building-blocks for the tissues, glands, organs, and systems. Results from nutritional supplements does take longer that drugs, but this fact really shows how nutrition works- providing support to balance and reverse the root cause of the problem.”

Maile Pouls, Ph.D., YourNutrition Consultant