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Clinical Overview


Measure & Test

  • Digestive Competency
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Electrolytes & Trace Minerals
  • Colon Toxicity

Your Nutrition Makeover is a personalized nutritional assessment and supplement recommendation program; designed for everyday people to achieve optimal nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry using science-based, clinically-proven methods, and products.

There are certain key principles we address with every client undergoing the Your Nutrition Makeover program, depending on their situation: 

  • Improving digestion with specific plant-based enzyme formulas to increase the amount of nutrients assimilated from food (and from dietary supplements).
  • Replenishing specific nutrients of which the person is deficient.
  • Balancing body chemistry, and pH.
  • Assisting in strengthening and rebuilding specific glandular/organ systems (adrenal, thyroid, etc)
  • Assisting in detoxifying the colon, liver, lymphatics, and cellular systems.

Nutritional Assessment

Your biochemical urinary analysis shows you what is really going on internally by measuring:

  • bowel toxicity
  • pH
  • kidney function
  • liver function
  • vitamin C
  • calcium/magnesium
  • trace minerals
  • other essential nutrients
  • fat storing or muscle building
  • how the body is digesting and utilizing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates


Science of Your Nutrition


Nutritional Intelligence

If you do not provide the essential nutrients to the body you will impair its normal functions. You may not be sick enough to be in bed, but the 'normal' aches, pains, and general fatigue many American's are experiencing are most likely linked to nutritional deficiencies as a root or contributing cause.

Once you are aware of the nutritional 'stressors' in your diet and environments, and begin using targeted nutrient formulas to rebalance and repair current conditions, and prevent future imbalances - you will begin to understand and actually 'feel' how nutrition works.

Wellness education’ teaches that good health is measured by more than the mere absence of symptoms. Wellness is about achieving more vibrant health and vitality.

The presence of symptoms, dis-ease or a diagnosed disease is a sign of some underlying imbalance. This means that a change of some kind is needed to regain health.

These changes may be in the form of:

  • lifestyle (diet or habits);
  • beliefs and attitudes;
  • and/or nutrition and body chemistry.

There is no one product that works the same for everyone all of the time. There is no magic 'bullet', no pill, potion, or supplement that works for every person, every time. Clinical nutritional research has consistently shown that specific ratios of active nutritional ingredients can benefit most people who have specific and/or general health conditions which are associated with underlying nutrient deficiencies.

Rebuilding, Repairing, Regenerating


Nutritional Essentials

If you want to rebuild, repair, and regenerate your body - it can be done with a genuine intention for wellness. A reversal of most conditions depends on numerous factors.

First is the amount of time a person has been nutrient deficient and in a degenerating state, and second, their willingness to make certain changes in their diet, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle (environment, habits, addictions), moderate exercise and sleep needs, pure water intake, and mental-emotional well being (thinking good thoughts). Beware of any health program that offers "quick and easy" or "fast" results.

Targeted Nutritional Program

The goal of the Your Nutrition Makeover ‘Program’ is to:

  1. Accurately determine a person’s specific nutrient deficiencies and current biochemical imbalances (tests ‘out of normal range’) and
  1. Provide an individualized protocol of dietary changes, lifestyle modification, and customized dietary supplements - to assist the person to address and overcome the deficiencies, thereby making the person nutritionally sufficient where they were once deficient and to re-balance specific markers for healthy body chemistry.

We believe we are offering the most effective, least toxic (fewest side effects) and most cost effective form of health enhancement available in America today. The YourNutrition Makeover program is safe, effective, and affordable. Most importantly, we want to show our clients how to get well and stay well - with ongoing health, nutrition and ‘wellness’ articles, videos and reports. Your Nutrition is ‘your source’ for healthy alternatives.

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