It Takes Good Health- To Have a Good Life


It Takes Good Health - To Have a Good Life

I hope this article makes you stop and think at least three times- as you are going to be presented with life-altering revelations.


First, a few questions (please, stop and think about them):

1. Do you spend time and money to maintain your home, your car or your appearance?

           a. How do you maintain your health? 

           b. Do you spend money on health insurance? 

           c. If Yes, how does health insurance insure your health? Does it really insure your health, or does it simply ensure dangerous and expensive 'rescue' medicine, drugs and surgery- when your body breaks down?


2. How many dollars is your health worth? 

           a. If you were bed-ridden today, how much would you spend to recover your health?


3. How much time is your health worth? (hours per day or week?)

           a. How much time per day/week do you budget to maintain your health?


Revelation #1: In case you didn't already know it, your good health is your most valuable possession. If you think otherwise (many young people think they are immortal) read on......


Revelation #2: It takes good health to have a good life. Young people: we urge you to NOT take your youthful vitality for granted. Good health is like a good relationship- it must be maintained.

Did You Hear Us? Good health is like a good relationship- it must be maintained.

As your health diminishes, so does your life experience.

 As your age advances, your body's ability to manufacture and utilize nutrients diminishes.

Nutrient deficiencies and resulting body chemistry imbalances cause symptoms of poor health, dis-ease and eventual disease.

It takes good health to have a job, to maintain friendships and relationships, hobbies, sports, arts, crafts, play - virtually everything you hold dear to your life experience- requires good health.



Revelation #3: Your body is composed of (made up of) nutrients, not prescription drugs.

Many Americans (at younger and younger ages) are being told that the aches and pains they have are a "normal part of the aging process". This simply is not true. Nutritional deficiencies also cause such symptoms of poor health. Are those aches and pains really your body's cries to "please address the underlying deficiencies and imbalances"? How would you know?



Revelation #4: Prescription drugs deplete nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies cause common symptoms of poor health.

Prescription drugs cannot treat nutrient deficiencies, in fact, most prescription drugs DEPLETE nutrients from your body- causing additional deficiencies - causing more symptoms of poor health. If your underlying problem is being caused by nutrient deficiencies the only thing that will correct the problem is to replace the 'correct' nutrients.


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Good health is like a good relationship- it must be maintained.


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