Intestinal and Cellular Detoxification

by Gregory Pouls, D.C., F.I.C.N., & Maile Pouls, Ph.D.

Intestinal and cellular detoxification involves identifying and removing or eliminating natural and human-made toxins that you have absorbed, ingested, or inhaled during your lifetime. The most common substances causing cellular toxicity include prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, heavy metals, many human-made chemicals, food additives, chlorine and chlorine based products, herbicides, pesticides, petroleum products, solvents and commercial cleaning products, formaldehyde, combustion by-products, household chemicals, fluorocarbons, glues and adhesives, fluoride & chlorine and other chemicals in tap water, and chemicals found in common office supplies and common personal care products.

What is Intestinal Detoxification?

Eating foods such as meat, or anything dead or in a state of decay, or by consuming devitalized foods or substances (cooked, frozen, canned, or processed foods, alcohol, coffee, candy, sugar, dairy, wheat, corn, drugs [prescription or recreational], tobacco, etc.) stimulate the body to automatically secrete mucous throughout the intestinal tract. This mucous lining acts as a protective barrier to prevent the absorption of toxic substances. This mechanism was probably
intended to handle the occasional ingestion of rotten food or other toxins. Normally, after the toxic ‘event’ had passed, the body would strip away the mucous lining it created for protection within a couple days.

The problem is that the standard American diet (SAD) is mainly composed of foods that increase protective mucous production by the body. Because the body has no time to strip away the mucous layers, they continue weakening the intestinal tract and eventually the entire body. As peristalsis diminishes, the time it takes food to pass through the body becomes longer. The longer it takes for food to move through, the more it becomes smelly, dry, and sticky, actually beginning to rot while it is still in your body. It now has a tendency to stick to the intestinal walls, rather than moving through quickly as intended.

These toxins have been related to the formation of many colon problems, including diverticulitis, colitis, and even colon cancer. If these substances are not removed from the intestinal lining the body will continue to fight a losing battle, causing an overuse and eventual degeneration of the immune system, and overuse and congestion of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and skin. This all leads to congestion and gradual degeneration of all of the body’s cells, tissues, glands, organs, systems and results in various states of sickness and disease. A bloated abdomen is often caused by congested lymphatics surrounding the intestines due to colon toxicity.

We do not recommend that a person begin any detoxification program if they are in a weakened or compromised state of health, or until they are digesting and eliminating their food properly, are nutritionally sufficient, and are certain that their liver is functioning effectively.

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