Nutrition vs. Rx Drugs – How SAFE are Herbs, Amino acids, Minerals?

Nutrition vs. Rx Drugs

How DANGEROUS are RX Drugs vs. How SAFE are Herbs, Amino Acids, Minerals?

  1. How DANGEROUS are RX Drugs?

‘Properly prescribed’ prescription drugs are now the 4th leading cause of death in the USA.

Source: Harvard University, Center for Ethics, June 27, 2014

‘Properly prescribed’ means:

  • Prescribed by your M.D.
  • Fulfilled by your pharmacist
  • Consumed in the ‘correct’ dose
  • Result (for 128,000 patients/year in the USA) = Death

In America, Rx drugs are a leading cause of illness, disability and death. It's not an overdose or a bad prescription, it's just the way that patient reacted unexpectedly.

Don’t Become a Statistic.

Also, ‘newer’ Rx drugs aren’t always better- or safer. Prescription medicines new on the market are so dangerous that they have a one in five chance (20%) of causing serious complications, including death.

A careful review of hospital records shows that even when properly prescribed, every year prescription drugs are responsible for

  • 9 million hospitalizations – for toxic side-effects & reactions. Adverse Drug Reactions are from Rx drugs that are "properly prescribed and administered."
  • 840,000 will suffer a seriously adverse reaction – causing life-altering consequences, such as kidney dialysis, surgeries or transplants, or additional prescriptions to ‘treat’ the side effects of the previous Rx drug.
  • 328,000 patients die from prescription drugs each year in the U.S. and Europe combined (128,000 on America die per year).


How SAFE are Herbs, Amino Acids, Minerals?

No Deaths from Supplements.

No Deaths from Minerals.

No Deaths from Amino Acids.

No Deaths from Herbs.

If nutritional supplements are allegedly so ‘dangerous’ as the FDA, the news media, and even some physicians still claim, then where are the bodies?
(Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 12, 2016) Not only are there no deaths from vitamins, there are also zero deaths from any supplement. The most recent (2014) information collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System, and published in the journal Clinical Toxicology (1), shows no deaths whatsoever from dietary supplements across the board.
No deaths from minerals or any other nutritional supplement
But when in doubt, [the FDA, the evening news, even your medical doctor will] blame a supplement. Any supplement.
The truth: no man, woman or child died from any nutritional supplement. Period.




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