What Is Health Freedom

What is Health Freedom?


Did you know? You have a choice of who manages your health!

Do you always choose the conventional doctors and hospitals who ‘manage the disease’ with drugs– because it’s the way you were indoctrinated into ‘health care’?

There are BIG DIFFERENCES in how you can manage your health.

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Medical Freedom = Our right to choose

First: Understanding what is being offered

  1. Conventional, Allopathic Medicine

Primarily utilizes the management of symptoms of poor health using prescription drugs, or the removal of diseased organs, glands or tissues with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and physical therapy. Rx drugs work by altering your biochemistry with chemical-based drugs so your body no longer expresses the symptom. If the symptom goes away, this equals ‘health care’. Every prescription drug places a toxic burden on your liver and kidneys. Most prescription drugs deplete specific nutrients from your body. To manage your disease, you must keep taking the Rx drug (for life). This represents a great business model for the pharmaceutical drug companies.

  1. Nutritional therapies (plant-based medicines, dietary supplements)

Provides either the management of symptoms by the natural medicinal effect of  plants and/or nutrients, or cure- by addressing the underlying nutrient deficiency and resulting body-chemistry imbalances.

How Nutrition Works

We often think of nutrients and herbs as natural drugs, but this is incorrect. They are really nutritional foods possessing medicinal properties. They act as:

  1. Foods, providing nutritional building-blocks for body structure, nutrients essential to support bodily functions, and important factors to protect the body’s systems and five senses.

  2. Nourishment, used by the body to replace nutrients used in metabolic and biochemical reactions.

  3. Full-spectrum nutritional medicines, which balance systems and allow the body to self-heal.

  4. Natural cleansers for eliminations of wastes and detoxification.

Once a nutritional client is nutritionally sufficient and has balanced their body chemistry, they can choose a nutritional maintenance program that matches their ongoing activity levels and stress factors.

People ask me – As a doctor, how do you choose?

These are my personal guidelines for how I stay healthy:

Regarding #’s 1 & 2 above, which substance (Rx drug or nutrient) or treatment is the:

1.     Most Effective – to cure the problem or address the underlying cause.

2.     Most Cost Effective

3.     Safest -Least Toxic

4.     If addressing symptoms- what works- without further harm or side-effects.

Summary: I am a BIG BELIEVER in conventional medical diagnostics & nutritional therapies.

What does this mean? I get as much information as I can via my medical doctor to determine nutrient deficiencies and imbalances or weakness in any of my body’s organs, glands, systems or tissues- then I use dietary supplements above the RDA/ODA for a period long enough to overcome the deficiency and provide specific herbs and nutrients to rebalance my body’s organs and/or systems. Once sufficient and balanced, I take a maintenance regimen of daily supplements- and modify this depending on activity and stress levels. I invest in my future health daily with nutritional supplements. For over twenty years I have maintained my good health this way. I am 59 years old in 2016. I have no diseases and very little or no dis-ease (symptoms). I don’t get headaches. I don’t have any allergies. I feel at home in my body. I could lose a few pounds- but I am happy.

How do I stay happy and healthy? I Practice what I Teach…….

What are your options?    

Option #1

Do it yourself:

“Healthy Alternatives Plus” Dietary Nutritional Formulas

The “Healthy Alternatives Plus” formulas represent comprehensive combinations of specific nutrients with the highest degree of effectiveness in supporting health, addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies and supporting the tissues, organs, glands and systems directly related to specific health conditions.

Physicians Rx Daily Multiple (Comprehensive, vitamin-mineral-herb-antioxidant+++ formula)

Liquid in Softgel Calcium/Magnesium (Healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, teeth, nerves)

Digestion Stomach Upset (Instant relief from stomach acid or upset, improved digestion)

HA+ Liver Support (Supports liver function against alcohol, chemicals, toxins, drugs, etc.) 

Stress & Energy (Adaptogenic herbal stress relief, energy & adrenal support)

Tranquility & Sleep (During the day for tranquility, at night for peaceful sleep)

Joint Renewal (Building blocks to repair & maintain healthy cartilage and joints)

Joint Lubrication EFA (Essential Fatty Acids to maintain healthy joints+)

Liquid Ionic Minerals 8 oz. (Make mineral/electrolyte drinks for 4 cents ea.)

Amino Balance (15 predigested Amino Acids+, proteins for healthy muscles)

CarniQ-Gel (Coenzyme Q10 & L-Carnitine+, for improved energy & immune support)


Invest in your Present and Future Health!

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Option #2

Get the assistance of an experienced professional:

When was the last time you checked your nutritional status?

Nutritional Sufficiency dramatically lowers your risk factors for poor health, symptoms and disease.  That is why it is so important!

Experience Wellness! The Your Nutrition Makeover.

Free Initial Consultation

with two of America’s most experienced nutritional consultants and healthy lifestyle and wellness coaches.

Your Nutrition Makeover Program

In-Depth, Customized, Guided Nutritional Assurance Program.

This program provides the two ‘Pillars of Health’ to those desiring optimal health:

nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry”.

Begin Consultation

Your Nutrition Makeover is a personalized nutritional assessment and supplement recommendation program; designed for everyday people to achieve optimal nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry using science-based, clinically-proven methods, and products.

Learn More: http://yournutrition.com/learn-more/

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Or, simply call 866-333-7399 and leave your name, number and time zone.


Nutritional Assessment

Your biochemical urinary analysis shows you what is really going on internally by measuring:

  • bowel toxicity

  • pH (acid/base balance)

  • kidney function

  • liver function

  • vitamin C

  • calcium/magnesium

  • trace minerals & electrolytes

  • digestive enzymes

  • other essential nutrients

  • fat storing or muscle building

  • how the body is digesting and utilizing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates


Why nutrition does not work: 3 main reasons:

The three main reasons nutrition does not work for your health conditions are:

1. If you take the wrong nutrient or combinations of nutrients.

2. If you don’t take enough of the nutrient(s).

3. If you don’t take the correct nutrients for a long enough time.

Nutrition, when used correctly, can reverse deficiencies, related chemistry imbalances and organ or gland dysfunction (commonly known as dis-ease).

Maile Pouls, Ph.D., Your Nutrition Consultant

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