Why Should I Take Nutritional Supplements?

People often ask us, “Why Should I Take Nutritional Supplements?”

The main reasons that you should take nutritional supplements every day is:

  • To maintain nutritional sufficiency in your body.
  • To provide the essential nutrients that are lacking in your diet.
  • To replace the nutrients that your body is supposed to be able to manufacture but is unable to due to compromised biochemistry caused by health conditions.
  • To provide the nutritional building blocks your body requires on an ongoing basis for the repair and maintenance of the structure and function of body tissues.
  • To provide natural support to tissues, glands, organs, and body systems involved with health conditions.
  • To provide specific nutrients which are in greater demand by your body to cope with the stress of living in modern society.
  • To provide protection from, and assisting your body cope with the stress of exposure to environmental chemicals, metals, and toxins.
  • To reduce your risk for health conditions in the future.

Regarding nutritional supplement formulas, you should know:

  • Who created the formula? Doctors, biochemists or qualified health care professionals?
  • Are they made with high quality ingredients?
  • Are the supplements easily digested?
  • Has the product been tested or used in clinical practice? Does the supplement have a history of proven effectiveness?
  • Does the manufacturer have clinical, university or doubleblind studies?
  • Does the manufacturer have any patented ingredients or ‘delivery systems’ that prove increased bioavailability or effectiveness?
  • Does the product come with a complete guarantee that what is listed on the label is actually in each capsule?
  • Does the product come with a complete guarantee of “full potency” for the shelf life of the product?

When you walk into a health food store or any retail outlet where nutritional supplements are sold, are you:

  • Overwhelmed by all of the choices?
  • Not sure who to turn to for advice to choose the correct nutritional product?
  • Not sure if the product is a ‘good deal’ for the money it costs?
  • Convinced that nutrition is too complicated to understand?
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