How Nutrient Deficiencies Become Disease

There is a direct relationship between what you eat and how you feel. It is not difficult to understand how nutrient deficiencies become disease:

1. Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Eating a diet of fast foods, cooked & highly processed & refined foods, chemicals (artificial colors, sweeteners, flavorings), high in calories, sugar, salt, fat, & unhealthy oils; low in fiber and nutrition, leads to:
Measurable Nutritional Deficiencies in one or more of the following categories:
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Enzymes
• Amino acids
• Essential Fatty Acids

2. Measurable Nutritional Deficiencies

If present in the body long enough, leads to:
Measurable Body Chemistry Imbalances, for example:
• pH (acid/base)
• Blood sugar
• Hormones
• Digestive (Enzyme deficiency)

3. Body Chemistry Imbalances & Resulting

If present in the body long enough, leads to:
Symptoms of Dis-Ease & Eventual Disease (Related to Chemistry Imbalances):
• Acid pH = Inflammation, DJD, Arthritis
• Blood Sugar = Hypoglycemia & Fatigue
• Hormones = PMS, Acne
• Digestive = Indigestion (heartburn) or Incomplete Digestion

Summary: Deficiency to Disease

• Dietary Deficiency 15%
• Nutritional Deficiency 30%
• Body Chemistry Imbalance 45%
• Organ/Gland Dysfunction 60%
• Symptoms of Dis-Ease 80%
• Diagnosis of Disease 100%

The numbers 15%-100% are arbitrary- the point is to show that symptoms don’t usually show up until ~80% of the process has occurred. This illustrates why you should not use symptoms as a gauge of your health. Approximately one-fourth of all heart attacks are ‘silent’, without chest pain symptoms. The first and only symptom is death.

The good news is this: Nutrient deficiencies are reversible. When these underlying causative stress factors are removed and nutritional sufficiency is restored, the body, in most cases, knows how to heal.

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