How Nutritional Deficiencies Cause Poor Health

By YourNutrition

Nutrient deficiencies are some of the greatest stress factors you can place upon your body. Why? In order to operate correctly and efficiently every cell in your body has specific nutritional needs that must be satisfied (sufficient) in order to function correctly.

Becoming nutrient deficient takes time. It begins with ‘dietary’ deficiencies, or eating incorrectly and consuming or being exposed to foods, chemicals or substances that increase your body’s nutrient requirements.    

Dietary Deficiencies

Dietary Deficiencies are mainly caused by eating the ‘Standard American diet’ (SAD) of fast foods, cooked & refined foods, with many chemical ingredients, high in sugar, salt, fat, unhealthy oils, calories; low in fiber and nutritional content (Remember, food is supposed to represent nutrition to our bodies)

Factors That Increase Nutrient Requirements:

1. Lack of exercise, clean air, and pure water.

2. Depletion of minerals (by sugar, commercial foods).

3. Exposure to chemicals, metals, & human-made toxins.

4. Use of antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDS, & Rx drugs

5. Use of alcohol, drugs (recreational or Rx), & tobacco.

6. Consumption of excess sugar, unhealthy fats & oils, & refined foods.

7. Lack of enzymes (eating mainly cooked, not fresh/raw foods)

8. “Leaky Gut” syndrome (large food particles/proteins in bloodstream)

9. Excessive toxic buildup in the colon, liver, and tissues.        

          Over Time this Leads to:


Nutritional Deficiencies in the Body.

These are measurable mineral and vitamin deficiencies and depletion of dietary enzyme reserves. (This is part of what we measure with our YourNutrition Makeover Program)   

          Over Time this Leads to:


Related Body Chemistry Imbalance(s).

The body requires certain nutrients, minerals and enzymes to perform specific biological functions. If these nutrients, minerals and enzymes are not present in sufficient amounts, the tissues, glands, organs and systems attempting these functions will begin to work in a limited fashion (relative to the deficiencies).

Examples of body chemistry imbalances include:

1. pH imbalance (acid/base)

2. Blood chemistry and blood sugar imbalances

3. Hormone imbalances (adrenal, thyroid)

4. Digestive imbalances food sensitivities and allergies

           Over Time this Leads to:


Symptoms of Dis-ease and/or Disease

Examples of body chemistry induced symptoms and ‘dis-ease’ states include: (Related to 1-4 above:)

1. Acidic pH: Leads to arthritis, degenerative joint disease (associated with)

2. Blood chemistry or blood sugar imbalance: Hypoglycemia and fatigue

3. Hormones: PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, exhaustion, cold hands and feet

4. Digestive enzyme deficiency: Indigestion, acid stomach, gas, bloating


The Standard American Diet is Associated with the Following Diseases and Health Conditions: Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Behavior Problems/Crime, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Coronary Artery Disease, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Other Cancers, Prostate Cancer, Strokes, Tooth Decay, Vascular Insufficiency. Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Elson Haas, M.D.


It is our belief, after correlating the measurable nutritional deficiencies and resulting body chemistry imbalances with the presenting symptoms of thousands of Americans, that a vast majority of symptoms and disease states are related to specific nutritional deficiencies and their resulting body chemistry imbalances.


What can you do?  

 “Healthy Alternatives Plus” Dietary Nutritional Formulas

The “Healthy Alternatives Plus” formulas represent comprehensive combinations of specific nutrients with the highest degree of effectiveness in supporting health, addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies and supporting the tissues, organs, glands and systems directly related to specific health conditions.

Physicians Rx Daily Multiple (Comprehensive, vitamin-mineral-herb-antioxidant+++ formula)

Liquid in Softgel Calcium/Magnesium (Healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, teeth, nerves)

Digestion Stomach Upset (Instant relief from stomach acid or upset, improved digestion)

HA+ Liver Support (Supports liver function against alcohol, chemicals, toxins, drugs, etc.) 

Stress & Energy (Adaptogenic herbal stress relief, energy & adrenal support)

Tranquility & Sleep (During the day for tranquility, at night for peaceful sleep)

Joint Renewal (Building blocks to repair & maintain healthy cartilage and joints)

Joint Lubrication EFA (Essential Fatty Acids to maintain healthy joints+)

Liquid Ionic Minerals 8 oz. (Make mineral/electrolyte drinks for 4 cents ea.)

Amino Balance (15 predigested Amino Acids+, proteins for healthy muscles)

CarniQ-Gel (Coenzyme Q10 & L-Carnitine+, for improved energy & immune support)


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