How to Best Reduce or Eliminate Your Exposure to Toxic Chemicals & Heavy Metals

How to Best Reduce or Eliminate Your Exposure to Toxic Chemicals & Heavy Metals.

It used to be said that, “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Not anymore.

Below are some strategies to help you keep your chemical exposure to a minimum:

·         Buy organic produce, meats, eggs and dairy products as much as possible to reduce pesticide exposure.

·         Limit or avoid consumptions of certain fish products. Generally, Smaller fish are safer (think anchovies, mackerel, sardines). Larger fish have accumulated more pesticide and heavy metals (including mercury), PCBs and dioxin. Always choose ‘wild’ caught fish to factory farmed- to avoid antibiotic residues.

·         Avoid drinking or bathing in tap water. Install whole-home, point-of-use (least expensive), and/or shower water filters.

·         Eliminate chemical cleaners from your home. Opt for natural varieties instead. Shop online or at your health food store.

·         Use safe, natural brands of cosmetics and other toiletries. Most health food stores carry chemical-free varieties of everything from shave cream to moisturizing lotion. Cosmetics are a major source of toxic chemical exposure for women!

·         Keep ALL drug (prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC)) use to a bare minimum, or consult a natural healthcare professional to learn the safe and wise use of natural medicines. Eliminate prescription antibiotics- unless you are certain you are dealing with a bacterial infection. Minimize or avoid OTC cough lozenges and syrups that contain artificial flavors and sweeteners.

·         Use proper precautions, including masks, gloves, protective clothing and adequate ventilation, when exposure to chemicals cannot be avoided.

·         Avoid using synthetic air ‘fresheners’, laundry detergents and fabric softeners. Don’t expose anyone second-hand smoke, paint fumes, or chemical sprays.

·         Choose glass (or Pyrex) storage containers for your food and drinks when possible, and avoid heating your food in plastic containers or covered in plastic wrap.

·         Be diligent in avoiding chemicals, such as paint, new carpeting or furniture (which outgases chemicals), pesticides, paints, bug ‘bombs’, oven cleaner, etc., especially while pregnant or breastfeeding.

·         Avoid or limit using synthetic pesticides or herbicides in your home or yard.

·         Always store toxic chemicals in an air-tight container. Keeping toxic chemicals under your sink is a very bad idea. Keeping toxic chemicals in your garage (where they can off-gas) is a bad idea- as central heating or air conditioning will circulate these toxic fumes throughout your home. Best idea- go ‘all natural’ with your cleaning products and personal care products! You will be glad you did.

·         Dispose of chemicals properly to reduce environmental contamination.


It used to be said that, “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Not anymore.


In America today, being ignorant about toxic chemicals, metals & and infectious agents dramatically raises your risk factors for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and a host of other ‘common’ American health conditions and diseases.


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