Nutrition vs. Rx Drugs: Health Care or Disease Management?

Nutrition vs. Rx Drugs: Health Care or Disease Management?

Why Don’t Most M.D.’s Know About Nutrition?
Or test You for Nutrient Deficiencies?

In today’s hectic and stressful world, in order to ‘get well and stay well’ it takes work. You need to eat right, reduce stress, exercise, AND (most importantly) maintain proper nutritional status. Other than for emergency, life-saving and infection & pain-controlling measures, How do Rx prescription drugs fit into the "Get Well and Stay Well" plan?

The Importance of Nutritional Sufficiency
At YourNutrition we teach that proper nutritional status, otherwise known as ‘Nutritional Sufficiency’, is vital for maintaining good health, energy, vitality and mobility, and reducing the risk factors for symptoms of poor health, common health conditions, dis-ease and eventual disease.

The doctors at YourNutrition are not anti-medical doctor nor against the proper use of certain prescription drugs.

Many of our own professional colleagues and friends are medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors and nutritional specialists. However, we all take notice of the fact that most medical doctors in the U.S. don’t ask their patients about diet and nutrition. Why is this?

When was the last time….your medical doctor asked you about your diet and nutritional status? If your M.D. EVER asked you, consider yourself lucky.

Unfortunately, most medical doctors know very little about nutrition. This is because in medical school they were not taught about nutrition. They were taught how to treat your symptoms of poor health and disease with drugs and surgery.

What is really sad is that the drug companies and medical associations and societies ‘Do know’ about the relationship between nutritional deficiency and common symptoms of dis-ease and disease, but it is not part of their business plan:

What Did the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Say?

“Because suboptimal vitamin status is associated with many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis, it is important for physicians to identify patients with poor nutrition or other reasons for increased vitamin needs.” JAMA, June 19, 2002 – Vol, 287, No. 23. Pg. 3124

What happened? This AMA report was published in 2002!

As always, follow the money: The greatest source of funding for medical schools comes from drug companies. Medical school curriculum (what the doctors are taught) are set up by the Medical Associations. Does it surprise anyone that doctors are taught to ‘treat’ patients primarily with drugs and surgery?

Again, the pharmaceutical drug companies and medical associations and societies ‘Do know’ about the relationship between nutritional deficiency and common symptoms of dis-ease and disease, but unfortunately for you and me, it is not part of their business plan. Their own words: “suboptimal vitamin status is associated with many chronic diseases.” They know.

Conventional ‘allopathic’ medicine, practiced by your medical doctor is not based on prevention.

It is based primarily on ‘screening for symptoms of disease’ and managing these symptoms with prescription drugs. Nutritional deficiencies and therapies are never even considered. By the way, ‘prevention’ in conventional medicine usually means earlier detection and the same treatments: Rx drugs to manage symptoms, surgery to remove the ‘offending’ organ or gland, or chemotherapy and radiation.


Learn and Remember This!

1. Why do you go to your M.D.? Because you have ‘symptoms’ of poor health.

2. What causes symptoms? Degeneration, trauma, accidents, & nutrient deficiencies.
Nutrient deficiencies CAUSE ‘symptoms’ of poor health. How do you (or your MD) know if your symptoms are being caused by specific nutrient deficiencies? Click the link to see the chart:

Nutritional Deficiencies and It's Symptoms

3. Treating nutritional deficiencies with chemical-based Rx prescription drugs doesn’t work- cannot work. You can’t replace a nutrient with a man-made synthetic chemical!

4. Every Rx prescription drug depletes specific nutrients (See # 2 above)

5. SUMMARY: All Rx prescription drugs add a toxic burden to your liver and kidneys (and cause more deaths in the USA than all street drugs combined), All Rx prescription drugs deplete nutrients from your body- which causes nutrient deficiencies- which cause symptoms of poor health. Your M.D. has a Rx drug to ‘treat and manage’ every symptom. ROUND AND ROUND YOU GO……. Never addressing the actual underlying or contributing cause = nutritional deficiencies. And they call this “Health Care”.


Health Care or Disease Management?

Is the management of symptoms with toxic Rx drugs really ‘Health Care’? This is what I call “disease management”. Disease management requires the patient to continually consume expensive and potentially toxic chemicals (prescription drugs) to manage their symptoms and never really address the underlying cause(s)- which commonly include nutrient deficiencies.

It shocks most people to learn that the professional they turn to for information regarding diet and health know little or nothing about nutrition, especially since dietary and lifestyle changes and nutritional therapies are now known to play an important role in actually healing many common health conditions and even diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease- the ‘leading killers’ in America.

For years, I have told my nutritional clients, “the women who run the front desk and office for most M.D.’s usually know more about nutrition than the doctor.” If asked about their training in diet and nutrition in medical school, if honest, most M.D.’s will say, “zero, none”, and some will tell you, “a few hours of training”. Anyone who actually understands the ‘art of therapeutic nutrition’ knows it take many years to become an experienced and effective nutritional doctor or consultant.

The sad fact is that most medical doctors do not know how to teach you how to ‘get well and stay well’, however, they are very good at prescribing the ‘proper’ prescription drug to ‘manage your symptoms’. Unfortunately, ‘properly prescribed’ Rx drugs are now the 4th leading cause of death in America and the most common cause of overdose deaths in America. (more than heroin, cocaine & all ‘street’ drugs combined!)

How can anyone say, “disease management health care in America is safe and effective”?

This form of chemical ‘health care’ prevents people from receiving actual preventive care and informed nutritional advice- dooming them to a lifetime of symptoms of dis-ease and eventual disease, which could possibly have been prevented.

It is becoming widely known that if any human chooses to eat a healthier diet, maintain healthy lifestyles, exercises regularly and achieves nutritional sufficiency they will DRAMATICALLY lower their risk factors for the most common and deadly (and most preventable) diseases in America: Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, stroke; and exhaustion, insomnia, stress-related disorders, and many more common ‘common conditions of poor health’. If medical doctors understood and advised therapeutic nutrition and concepts of a ‘wellness lifestyle’, I am certain we would see a dramatic reduction in all of these ‘preventable and curable’ diseases.

University of California, Berkeley, study reveals (and common logic dictates) the  MORE NUTRIENT SUFFICIENT YOU ARE in specific nutrients – YOU DECREASE YOUR RISK FACTORS for common symptoms of poor health and common American diseases.


“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” ~Mike Adams

Remember: How you Manage Your Health – Is Your Choice!

 Your Best Solution: 

Invest in your Future Good Health!

Nutritional Sufficiency dramatically lowers your risk factors for poor health, symptoms and disease.  That is why it is so important!

Experience Wellness!


Which Nutrients do we recommend?

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