Nutrition & Health Care Professionals: #2 Does Your Nurse Take Vitamins & Why?

Nutrition & Health Care Professionals: #2

Does Your Nurse Take Vitamins and Supplements? Why?     

Are you interested to find out which dietary nutritional supplements healthcare professionals are taking for their overall health and wellness?

The "Life...supplemented" Healthcare Professionals Impact Study

The "Life...supplemented" Healthcare Professionals Impact Study (HCP Impact Study) was administered via online survey in October 2007 to 900 physicians and 277 nurses by Ipsos Public Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a trade association representing the dietary supplement industry. Source:


Why DoesYour Nurse Take Vitamins and Supplements? 

The HCP Impact Study reports that “they take them as part of a proactive wellness regimen that also includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.”

Why do 89% of nurses personally use dietary supplements?

Why Do 95% of nurse practitioners personally use dietary supplements?

Answer: To maintain and protect their good health and vitality!


Top Reasons for Nurses Nutritional Supplement Consumption:
Overall health/wellness 48%
Bone health 46%
Flu/colds 43%
Immune health 32%
Joint health 30%


Top Reasons for Nurse Practitioners Nutritional Supplement Consumption:
Overall health/wellness 54% 
Bone health 52% 
Fill nutrition gaps 37% 
Heart health 26% 
Digestive health 22%


How often has your nurse or nurse practitioner asked you about your diet or recommended vitamins or other nutritional supplements- To support, enhance, maintain and protect YOUR health?



The YourNutriton Makeover program utilizes highly bio-available, nutrient-dense dietary nutritional supplements; backed by science-based analysis and laboratory reports for you to understand where you are deficient and how to return your body to ‘nutritionally sufficient and balanced body chemistry’ status. The doctors then go to work to create a fully customizable and unique nutritional supplement, dietary and lifestyle plan just for you.


"Nutritional and herbal medicines work differently than drugs. Providing basic elements as nutritional building-blocks for the tissues, glands, organs, and systems. Results from nutritional supplements does take longer that drugs, but this fact really shows how nutrition works- providing support to balance and reverse the root cause of the problem." Maile Pouls, Ph.D.


The Your Nutrition Makeover. Experience Wellness!

In-Depth, Customized, Guided Nutritional Assurance Program.

This program provides the two ‘Pillars of Health’ to those desiring optimal health: nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry.

Your Nutrition Makeover is a personalized nutritional assessment and supplement recommendation program; designed for everyday people to achieve optimal nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry using science-based, clinically-proven methods, and products.

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Nutritional Assessment

Your biochemical urinary analysis shows you what is really going on internally by measuring:

  • bowel toxicity
  • pH (acid/base balance)
  • kidney function
  • liver function
  • vitamin C
  • calcium/magnesium
  • trace minerals & electrolytes
  • digestive enzymes
  • other essential nutrients
  • fat storing or muscle building
  • how the body is digesting and utilizing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates


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