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About the Doctors

Two of America’s Leading Nutritional Authors, Wellness Educators & Personal Nutritional Consultants.




“Doctors and drugs do not heal the body. Our bodies have an enormous capacity for self-healing. Each one of the 65 trillion cells that comprise our bodies have specific functions well known to itself, an extraordinary ability to rejuvenate, and specific nutritional requirements which are unalterable. Compliance with those needs, through nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry, yields vitality.” – Maile Pouls, Ph.D.
"Your physical body is made up of water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, oils, pre and pro-biotics, etc. It is well known that deficiencies of these natural elements in the body leads to unbalanced body chemistry, symptoms of dis-ease, and even full blown disease. Doesn’t it just make sense to properly assess the underlying nutrient deficiencies and body chemistry imbalances with simple laboratory tests and provide individualized dietary and supplement programs to correct them? Nutritional sufficiency is a primary factor for re-establishing health and vitality. At we teach nutritional sufficiency.” – Gregory Pouls, D.C., F.I.C.N.

Meet Doctors Greg & Maile Pouls

Gregory Pouls, D.C., F.I.C.N., is a doctor of chiropractic, clinical nutritionist, and fellow of the International College of Nutrition. His wife, Maile Pouls, Ph.D., is a clinical nutritionist. They are the founders of Health Enhancement, Inc., and the Your Nutrition Makeover.

Dr. Maile’s specialty is interpreting nutritional and specific lab studies to determine the relationship between a person’s underlying nutritional deficiencies, body chemistry imbalances, toxicities and their health problems. Rather than treating symptoms she looks for, pinpoints, and addresses these root causes with targeted therapeutic nutrition - the safest and most effective way she has found. Based on these lab results, health and dietary history, she then provides a verbal and written customized nutritional and dietary plan for each person to correct and reverse individual stress factors. Programs can be modified to suit any lifestyle.

Dr. Greg’s main goal in life is to reach as many people as possible with scientifically valid information regarding the safe and wise uses of nutrition and 'natural' medicines. He serves people as an educator regarding disease prevention through nutrition and detoxification, increasing their understanding of nutritional deficiencies and biochemical imbalances as common underlying causes of symptoms and health conditions. He teaches effective dietary and lifestyle information that promotes wellness and vitality. His purpose in business comes from his deep desire to help people increase their awareness of exposure to synthetic (human-made) chemicals and heavy metals in their home and act as a resource for solution-oriented products. Assisting people to improve their health and quality of life is Dr. Greg’s joy and passion.

Sourcing Agents

Doctors Pouls are the formulators for their ‘Healthy Alternatives Plus’ nutritional formula line. They founded in 1990, and have been teaching many thousands of Americans how to use nutrition safely and wisely ever since. Doctors Pouls are natural health educators, authors, and nutritional product formulators for numerous national and international companies.

While writing their first book, “The Supplement Shopper” (Future Medicine Publishing, 1999), the doctors interviewed and reviewed the product lines of over 350 American nutritional supplement manufacturers. From this research and from clinical knowledge, the “Healthy Alternatives Plus” nutritional formulas were sourced, private labeled, and used extensively in Your Nutrition's clinical practice.

These formulas represent comprehensive combinations of specific nutrients with the highest degree of effectiveness in addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies and supporting the tissues, organs, glands and systems directly related to specific health conditions associated with common underlying nutrient deficiencies.

Clinical Background

In over 40 years of combined clinical experience as nutritional consultants, Doctors Pouls have analyzed the specific nutritional deficiencies and body chemistry imbalances in thousands of nutritional clients, and have reviewed tens of thousands of nutritional and chemistry profiles. We have utilized and recommended over 3,000 different nutritional supplement products, from hundreds of nutritional manufacturers.