Understanding Digestion, Absorption and Enzyme Nutrition

Are you or any of your loved ones suffering from stomach upset, heartburn, acid stomach, bloating/gas, nausea, burping, diarrhea, gastritis or ulcers? Do you know that the majority of these conditions are caused by poor digestion?

With my clients, the first thing I check is digestive competence, because over 90% of the people we consult with either have digestion problems or digest less than optimally. If you can't absorb (assimilate) the nutrients from the food you eat, or the supplements you take, due to poor digestion, the body becomes deficient of your essential building blocks and restorative nutrients. These may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Putrefaction (rotting food) and toxins also result from this poor digestion.

If there is one main factor the body needs for optimal digestion, it is enzymes. If you lack enzymes, the foods you eat are prone to ferment and putrefy. This leads to acid indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation. To address digestive problems, it is important not to take products that merely treat symptoms and risk side effects. It is more appropriate to address the underlying root cause of the problem-a deficiency in enzymes.

Enzymes unlock nutrients from food and supplements, and in most cases are a key to health, insuring complete and optimal digestion and maximum cellular absorption of nutrients. Enzymes have been called the most important nutritional discovery since vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The rate of biochemical and metabolic processes are determined by the availability of enzymes.

Dr. Edward Howell, the renowned enzyme researcher, (1924-1980) describes enzymes as follows: "They are the manual workers that build our body from proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, just as construction workers build our home. You may have all the raw material with which to build, but without the workers (enzymes) you cannot even begin." Humbart Santillo, in his book, Food Enzymes: The Missing Link to Radiant Health, states that "enzyme deficiencies are America's number one nutritional problem, and are responsible for more disease than all other nutritional shortages combined."

Many people ask, "How did I become so depleted in enzymes?" Each of us is born with a "bank account" of pancreatic enzymes necessary for digestion, an account that may be built up or depleted, but an account that must last a lifetime. All raw, organically grown food contains the proper types and proportion of enzymes necessary to digest itself. However, every time we consume cooked or processed foods (which are devoid or lacking in enzymes); the body's digestive system must draw from its pancreatic enzyme reserve, which continually depletes our reserves. That's why some people report feeling tired and rundown after eating - because their digestive enzyme reserve is depleted and enzymes for digestion are being recruited from the immune system. With the immune system taxed in this way, you can also become more susceptible to illness. Having sufficient enzymes present in the body can actually improve immune function and slow the aging process. It is extremely important, then, to ensure that the body receives an adequate supply of enzymes, and anyone who continues to eat cooked and processed food should consider taking a supplement of concentrated plant enzymes.

Digestive competence is fundamental to good health. Precise supplementation with enzymes and nutrients can bring about rapid and permanent beneficial changes in numerous symptoms such as indigestion, gastritis, ulcers, headaches, and many other health conditions. In summary, you are not really what you eat, you are what you properly digest and assimilate.


The Health Enhancement Center – Clinical Background & Services:


Since 1990, Maile Pouls, Ph.D., has provided long-distance individualized nutritional programs to thousands of Americans of all ages, to support their body's natural healing abilities. Maile’s specialty is determining the relationship between underlying nutritional deficiencies and body chemistry imbalances and resulting health conditions.

Using in-depth diet and health history questionnaires and various laboratory studies, Maile is able to determine if nutritional deficiencies (or excesses) and other stress factors related to body chemistry imbalances are contributing to the person's health conditions and special needs. Each person is then placed on a customized protocol of therapeutic nutritional supplements and diet to correct these deficiencies, imbalances and toxicities. Complete, written instructions and product information is provided.

I tell every client, "I don't address just symptoms or treat disease states, I look for underlying chemistry imbalances or nutritional deficiencies. Reversing these imbalances and deficiencies is possible in most cases. It can take years for chronic chemistry imbalances to manifest as symptoms of dis-ease, and yet it can take as little as three to six months on a customized nutritional program to bring the chemistry back into normal ranges. My programs address underlying nutritional, bio-chemical, and toxic element stress factors. When these stress factors are reduced or removed, the body, in most cases, knows how to heal. To what degree can a person heal? You never know until you try."

Services include (but are not limited to) analysis and recommendations for chemistry balancing, digestive enzyme therapy, diet and nutritional planning; cellular, liver and colon detoxification, digestive disorders, degenerative joint conditions, stress and anxiety-related conditions, sleep disorders, mood disorders, depression, allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, candida therapies, athletic nutrition, weight and obesity management, and hormone balancing.
Pediatric services include (but are not limited to) analysis and recommendations for chemistry balancing, digestive enzyme therapy, diet and nutritional planning, detoxification, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), learning disorders, behavioral disorders, and lifestyle modifications.

Maile Pouls, Ph.D., and her husband, Gregory Pouls, D.C., F.I.C.N., have co-authored numerous books and articles on nutrition and Maile's nutritional consulting practice has been featured in numerous books (including "The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism", "Women's Health", "Weight Loss", and "Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness"), publications, and condition-related support group websites. (Click “About Us” on the homepage at www.yournutrition.com.)

Professionals who refer patients to the Health Enhancement Center include medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, pediatricians, dentists, naturopathic physicians, neurologists, urologists, and oncologists, physical and massage therapists, and numerous other professionals of the healing arts.

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Please call the "Health Enhancement Center" toll-free at 866-333-7399 and leave your name, phone number, time zone, and a good time for a return call. Please have available a list of your most significant health concerns and any brief questions you would like to ask. There is no charge for this brief, introductory consultation.


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