Why Can't I just ‘Do Nutrition’ Myself?

Why Can't I just ‘Do Nutrition’ Myself?

The Benefits of Having an Experienced Nutritional Consultant

8 Reasons why you 'can't just do it yourself' and why you need a YNMakeover Consultant:

The Goal of the YourNutrition Makeover Program: To make you nutritionally sufficient and to balance your body chemistry.

YourNutrition Makeover Program is a professional nutritional guideline, backed by science, which will provide real health over your lifetime. We will analyze your individual chemistry and nutrient status and we will recommend a unique protocol of supplements- just what your body requires for the optimal expression of health. The doctors at YourNutrition recommend high quality dietary nutritional supplements, ensuring that you receive the 46 essential nutrients that you must have and which the body cannot make.  They consist of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes and essential oils, to maintain good health throughout one's lifetime.

1. It can take many years to become an expert in nutrition. You must be savvy and educated to be able to separate the hard facts from the hype when it comes to choosing the 'correct' nutrients. Most people simply guess what nutrient(s) to take based on something they read or heard. They guess which types and brands to take. They guess what dosage would be correct. Guessing with nutrition is not a good idea and could actually cause harm. Guessing people often wonder why they didn't 'feel' anything change in their body and/or with their health concerns. Many 'guessers' at this point say, "I tried nutrition and it didn't work for me."

2. Many people visit their local health food or nutrition store, only to quickly become overwhelmed by all of the choices, brands, formulas, and prices. You don't know if the products on sale are really a good deal or if they are inferior products that have not sold for months or years. You don't know if the person advising your purchase has any real experience in recommending nutritional formulas- and by what criteria are they making recommendations to you? Remember, we are all as different as our fingerprints when it comes to our genetics, nutritional and biochemical status. How do they really know what your body requires? They too are guessing.

3. If you choose to 'do it yourself', who will answer the following questions about the nutritional products you choose:
a. Who created or formulated them? A doctor? Anyone can create a nutritional product- but is it high quality and effective?
b. Is it made from high quality, easily digested (bio-available) ingredients?
c. Have the ingredients and formulas been used in clinical practice and have a history of proven effectiveness?
d. Does the product come with a guarantee of full potency for the life of the product?
e. Does the product come with product brochures and educational handouts so you know how to use it correctly for someone your age and weight?

  1. What do I do if I have an unexpected reaction or side effect? What should I do?

    4. Starting the YN Makeover:
    As you begin the YNMakeover, you will need a YN Makeover consultant to:
    a. Be certain that you fully understand the directions that come with your "New Client" test kit and to answer any questions you might have while filling    out the intake forms and collecting your lab sample. At YourNutrition we do not guess which nutrients your body requires to become nutritionally sufficient and biochemically balanced.

    5. Your First Laboratory Assessment: 
    Our 22-point nutritional laboratory assessment provides us with a baseline status from which we can determine a unique, customized nutritional protocol just for you - and a baseline score to compare to future assessments - so we can modify your program as you become sufficient and balanced. When you do achieve nutritional sufficiency, we will then recommend a nutritional health maintenance program based on your diet, lifestyle and stress factors.

    6. During the Makeover:
    As your body gradually becomes nutritionally sufficient and biochemically balanced on the program you will need an experience nutritional consultant to:
    a. Answer any questions that you have as your nutritional status changes. Sometimes people's judgement becomes altered or they become uncertain if their symptoms don't improve immediately or temporarily are increased. It is important to have an experienced nutritional consultant to talk you through these times.
    b. Most clients report improved energy and a feeling of 'wellness' within the first two to four weeks. If not, we may need to adjust your dosages and or products. We make sure that the program is 'working for you', that you are not having any upsets that affect your activities of daily life.

    7. Retesting
    After three months on your custom YNMakeover program we will retest. As your body becomes nutritionally sufficient and your body chemistry is re-balanced we will begin to diminish the dosages and nutritional supplements.

    8. Maintenance
    YNMakeover consultants will assist you to determine a maintenance program that will maintain your nutritional sufficiency and provide nutritional support based on your ongoing diet, lifestyle and other stress factors.

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Participating in the YourNutrition Makeover is a life changing experience. You are making a financial and time commitment to improving your health- your most valued possession. We often tell our clients, "You don't know how sick you are - until you get more well.” Whenever you do something for the first time it always helps to have someone with experience to guide you through the 'new' experience. During the YNMakeover, you will be experiencing new sensations and new energy levels. Anytime we experience anything new- good or bad- it creates uncertainty and questions arise. Your YNMakeover consultant can explain what you are going through and answer your questions- so you can move ahead toward nutritional sufficiency and balanced body chemistry- and not become sidetracked with doubts or uncertainty.
"Your physical body is made up of water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, oils, pre and pro-biotics, etc. It is well known that deficiencies of these natural elements in the body leads to unbalanced body chemistry, symptoms of dis-ease, and even full blown disease. Doesn’t it just make sense to properly assess the underlying nutrient deficiencies and body chemistry imbalances with simple laboratory tests and provide individualized dietary and supplement programs to correct them? Nutritional sufficiency is a primary factor for re-establishing health and vitality. At YourNutrition.com we teach nutritional sufficiency.” – Gregory Pouls, D.C., F.I.C.N.